Many thanks to Atrico for both for your professionalism and persistence, especially Kheong’s firm guidance. Your drive and deal experience helped ensure we find the right partner and get an excellent outcome. I happily recommend other entrepreneurs pick up the phone to Atrico. I believe, like us, they will value your industry expertise, financial skills, and hands-on support through the entire transaction process.

Mike Taylor, Executive Director
MinVu Pty Ltd

Atrico worked with ioGlobal’s Board over a number of years to help transform its business and multiply its value. ioGlobal shifted from a services-oriented business into a scalable products-focused business that became attractive to a number of industry players. Atrico was crucial in assisting ioGlobal to find a great partner at the right time and negotiate a deal that was a great price and also worked wonderfully at multiple levels.
Atrico’s mining tech industry relationships and deal marketing prowess helped us get quick access to parties with excellent strategic fit. The team’s deal proficiency and negotiation skills meant we could conclude the transaction efficiently and speedily. We have readily recommended Atrico to a number of tech companies.

Stephen Winter, Director
ioGlobal Pty Ltd

Atrico was invaluable in transforming our business to a more market focused group and then playing an essential role in our acquisition. I highly recommend Atrico for business transformation and merger and acquisition.

Maurice Behn, Executive Director
Mining Information Systems

Atrico’s team helped us immensely in identifying issues, resolving them and ultimately positioning us and our product for a fantastic result for all parties. I personally learned a lot from the experience and would recommend the Atrico team to help re-sync, or position their product or company in preparation for a trade sale.

Steve Craig, Managing Director
Orelogy Group Pty Ltd

Atrico was engaged to review INX Software strategy and advise on growth opportunities. The review identified a number of management initiatives available to the board and a number of specific product opportunities. Atrico have been working with us on an ongoing basis to monitor and assist with implementation. We are already seeing a re-organised and revitalised team adopting Lean methods to improve customer focus, increase productivity and profitability, and drive towards the targeted growth. We recommend Atrico for their hands-on experience and strategic vision.

Garry Back, Managing Director
INX Software

Atrico helped Kestral to market its business discreetly, deal with Board issues, find the right partner, and complete its trade sale to Constellation Software. The deal worked very well for the shareholders, and Kestral benefited immensely from Atrico’s tech transaction expertise, creativity, and diligence. I would be happy to recommend Atrico to any tech company.

Kevin Moynihan, CEO
Kestral Computing

Optika Solutions engaged Atrico to provide professional advice on several key issues that were proving challenging to our operations. Atrico assisted us to achieve the following:

  • Restructure our Board and shareholding;
  • Use effective strategies to successfully market our web-based decision support software programme, Akumen; and
  • Leverage an introduction to Tibco into a partnership whereby we can build our business model on a global platform.

We found working with Atrico to be useful and insightful. Their diligence and professionalism was evident throughout the engagement.

Matt Schneider, Managing Director
Optika Solutions

Atrico’s understanding of negotiations and transactions was instrumental in the value we obtained from the deal. They gave us confidence to deal with each phase of the transaction by sharing their experience and expertise, so we knew exactly what to expect and how to deal with each phase.

Dr Scott Mildren, Managing Director
JRS Petroleum Research Pty Ltd

We appreciate the work undertaken by Atrico to complete the acquisition of Conexim. This has proven to be a success for our business.

Nathan Harman, CEO
Zetta Group Pty Ltd

Atrico contributed invaluably to achieving the best outcome for us within a relatively short period of time. With Atrico’s help, we were able to explore and evaluate all practical options to end up with the most suitable partner.
Our good working relationship with the key people at Atrico was particularly memorable. We worked together effortlessly, confident that Atrico had our best interests in mind and had the capability and experience to deliver the results. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Atrico and would gladly recommend Atrico’s services to other organisations.

Allan Turner, GM Information Management
Silver Chain Nursing Association

We engaged Atrico to assist Meridian GIS’s shareholders evaluate, negotiate, and conclude a merger transaction. We found Atrico to be of extraordinary value during this critical period of our company history. Atrico was able to provide guidance and prudent advice to the shareholders, assisting us with navigating a series of complex commercial issues to ensure successful merger completion
Atrico demonstrated its experience by preparing us for the key pre-and post-merger issues that we faced. These included understanding clearly our enterprise value and what this should mean in the context of a merged enterprise and hence assisting us with negotiating our most optimal position.
The Atrico team is professional, practical, and easy to work with I have no hesitation recommending them to other technology companies. We look forward to continuing to work with Atrico on future corporate engagements.

Rob Healy, Managing Director
Meridian GIS Pty Ltd

I’d like to thank Atrico for assisting our business in our commercialisation and deal making initiatives.
I’m impressed with how you have been able to understand our marketplace, sales challenges and resource and capital raising obstacles. Through this, you have provided us with immense help with our capital raising and with advancing our OEM strategy.
I thank Atrico for assisting us to achieve our goals. Your passion for what you do and commitment to assist is evident in every call, meeting and email. I really feel like Atrico is one of the team and that makes all the difference. I look forward to continue working with you and Atrico in the future.

Steven Apedaile, Managing Director
Sprintex Ltd

Atrico was engaged by Minemax to develop a marketing strategy and associated marketing plan in the context of a new product release for the mining industry. In this process Atrico have clearly added value to the Minemax business through their in-depth market insight and extensive business experience. It has been a pleasure working with Atrico. In their professional approach, they followed the maxim of “seek first to understand”, working with Minemax to deliver an executable strategy to take Minemax through its next growth stage. I would highly recommend Atrico to any technology company seeking improvement in their market strategy.

Jim Butler, CEO
Minemax Pty Ltd

Atrico were initially recommended to us for their commercial skills and ability to value add in high growth companies.
Atrico assisted in determining and implementing an appropriate strategy to consolidate our current position and to facilitate growth.
Atrico identified that funding for growth required additional participants and sourced and negotiated the required capital injection with a strategic partner that also provided significant access to overseas purchasing opportunities to further enhance the cost competitiveness of the company and its profitability.
Our association with Atrico has been long and beneficial and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for their strategic and value add capabilities to any established or high growth companies.

Darren Hayter, Managing Director
Boundaries WA Pty Ltd

Atrico advised and assisted in making our company more attractive to potential investors, which included a corporate restructure. Atrico also assisted in developing the Information Memorandum, investor presentation, and cash—flow model used to secure funds. With Atrico’s valuable contribution during this critical period of our company’s history, we were able to raise the capital. The application of these funds has resulted in ICC reaching profitability in 2010, with no immediate requirement to secure additional funding.
We have found it a pleasure to work with Atrico’s advisors, who were proactive, professional, and practical. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Atrico and their assistance in future corporate transactions and would not hesitate to recommend Atrico’s services to other organisations.

Jason LeCoultre, Director
Industrial Catalyst Composites

Woodside Energy Ltd, approached Atrico because of its in-depth understanding of emerging technologies, and proven industry and competitor analysis research capability. We also sought them out for their extensive experience with commercialising conceptual business models and go-to-market strategies.
Atrico provided a high-level of clarity, detail and value-add on this assignment, therefore enabling the Directors of Woodside to gain a strategic understanding of the investment potential. I was very impressed by the professionalism and flexibility within the group. We look forward to working with the Atrico team on further assignments.

David Watkins, Technology Manager
Woodside Energy Limited

I have had the privilege to work with the Atrico team for around the past four months now. I have found the team members to be professional, amicable and highly capable in offering the services for which they have been contracted.
At the end of the day, I would have no hesitation in recommending Atrico to any technology venture seeking strategic planning advice or support for the capital raising process.

Jeremy Beard, Director
SurecliX Pty Ltd

With Atrico’s assistance, Worley has gained valuable insight into the potential of CTRS and has developed a clear and well-supported decision path for leveraging maximum value from CTRS. We believe the value-based economic decision making model introduced by Atrico will have a significant and positive impact on Worley beyond this assignment.
We have found the Atrico team a pleasure to work with, and they have undertaken this assignment with both dedication and enthusiasm. I look forward to continuing our rewarding relationship.

Glenn Middleton, CEO
CTR Solutions (Worley Group subsidiary)

Amcom Telecommunications has utilised the skills and capabilities of Atrico on a number of assignments ranging from strategic planning and technical and business reviews through to project definition and market research.
In all cases, Atrico has continuously demonstrated a personalised and responsive approach to achieving the desired outcomes. Atrico adopts a broad and thorough focus to their work and in doing so has value-added significantly to each assignment.

Clive Stein, General Manager and Director
Amcom Telecommunications Limited

I would like to thank Atrico for the exceptional service and invaluable advice you have provided us during a crucial period of our corporate growth.
Among other challenges, we were undergoing company restructuring, realigning our corporate strategy, and expanding our markets in the US. The value you have contributed to our business has exceeded our expectations. You have assisted us in clarifying our growth path, negotiating with major distribution partners, and securing valuable government grants and incentives. We believe your advice has significantly contributed to building our competitive advantages and potential for revenue growth.
The Atrico team is professional and a pleasure to work with. They have demonstrated a high level of competency and a deep understanding of corporate and technology commercialisation strategy. We look forward to continuing to work with Atrico on future corporate engagements.

Ray Johnson, Managing Director
BioMash Equipment Ltd